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Mamata to go for rail security, shrugs regional tag

Passenger amenities, safety and security will have priorities in the next Railway budget which is likely to be presented on July one, Railway minister Mamata Banerjee has said. Emphasis will also be given on infrastructure development which, Banerjee told a television news channel last night, will strive to strike a balance between the commercial and human face of the Railways.
"The Railways have two sides commercial and human face we have to maintain both sides," she said. Asked if she stands the risk of being dubbed as a regional railway minister if she looks after the interests of Bengal more than the rest of the country, Banerjee said, "I will look after the interests of people across the country and at the same time the people of the state as much as possible. So the tag 'regional' would be unwarranted". "Bengal has been neglected for years together even though 41 MPs belonging to the Left and Congress had represented the state in the 14th Lok Sabha. I am committed to look after the interests of the people all over the country, but I would also help implement various projects in my state," she said

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