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Mumbai locals may get double-decker coaches

LUCKNOW: As Mumbai grows vertically to accommodate its ever-increasing population, so could its lifeline, the railways. The Research Designs and Standards Organisation, the R&D wing of Indian Railways, has proposed double-decker local trains to carry more commute

RDSO director-general K B L Mittal said his organisation would prepare a design of a double-decker local and present it to the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) as well as both Central and Western Railways and check their feasibility.
A two-storeyed local was a better idea than simply adding to the number of coaches on local trains. The MRVC has already sent a proposal to the RDSO to study the feasibility of 18-coach trains.

Longer coaches carry more commuters but come with their own set of issues, like crowd dispersal. Huge changes also have to be made in existing infrastructure, like re-spacing of signals, increase in platform length and alteration in track alignment.

Double-decker coaches would only require changes in the coach design, Mittal said. He explained that in comparison to long-distance twin-deck coaches, those for local trains need more entry and exit points and wider stairs to allow easy access. "This will cut down the number of commuters that they would be able to carry by about 8-10%," he said, but pointed out that it would be offset as every two-storeyed coach has an increased capacity of 30%.

It means coaches would need more than the three doorways they have now. The present 30-second halt would also be insufficient for easy boarding and alighting, he said.
Source – Times of India

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