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ECR a key zone of Indian Railways

PATNA: The East Central Railway (ECR), which came into existence on October 1, 2002, has come to occupy a pride of place in the Indian Railways from the viewpoint of revenue generation from freight segment.
While the total earning of the ECR from all its five divisions was about Rs 6873.64 crore during the 2010-2011 fiscal, it became the second largest zone of Indian Railways in coal loading, said ECR GM K K Srivastava. He said the ECR had a major share of about 19.06% in coal loading by the railways across the country during last fiscal. With the total loading of 88.1 million tonnes of freight against the target of 85 million tonnes, which was about 9.56% of the total freight carried by the railways, ECR was placed fifth in the Indian Railways in terms of freight loading.
Since its inception, the ECR has introduced 136 pairs of new trains in its five divisions providing connectivity to all major cities of the country. Railways has extended the run of about 73 pairs of mail and express trains while frequency of 26 pairs of trains have been increased to cater to the needs of the passengers from different places of the zone, he said. Keeping in view passengers' demands, the ECR has provided stoppages of about 572 pairs of trains at different stations while 99 new halts have been approved so far.
The number of computerized counters of passenger reservation system (PRS) has gone up to 121 in the ECR, and about 316 unreserved ticketing system (UTS) counters are also functioning, the GM said. According to the GM, 45 counters are functioning as both PRS cum UTS counters. This facility has been provided to cater to the needs of those passengers who are boarding trains from small roadside stations, Srivastava said.
The GM said the flow of passengers had increased tremendously in the zone. About 24.74 crore passengers had travelled during the last fiscal, yielding a revenue of about Rs 1329.81 crore. The zone earned a revenue of about Rs 5,543.64 crore from freight, which is a record, he said.
According to Srivastava, the ECR spent about Rs 36.35 crore on passenger amenities during the last fiscal. It has taken steps to provide special facilities to physically challenged passengers at all A-1 and A category stations. Efforts are on to provide these facilities at all B category stations as well.
Source - Times of India

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