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Want to watch a Charlie Chaplin classic or track Sensex? Hop on a CR local

MUMBAI: You can watch news, keep tabs on cricket score, track Sensex or enjoy a Charlie Chaplin classic, all aboard your suburban train. Entertainment while commuting is a reality now that the Central Railway (CR) has begun installing television screens on locals.

A CR official said, "To begin with, TV sets will be installed on 27 trains. Each compartment will have two TV screens."
The railways has entered into a five-year contract with an agency, Fortune Creative Media Ltd, which has tied up with content providers, including entertainment companies and news channels, to supply feed to the televisions on trains.

The railways expects to rake in crores from this deal. It's a risk-free revenue model for the railways as it is not required to pump in money into this venture, except for earmarking space for the installation of 26-inch screens. For the railways, it's a win-win situation-happy commuters and a steady stream of income.
"A 9-car local will have 18 TV screens, while 12-car trains will have 24," said Ayaz Surti, media advisor of Fortune Creative Media Private Ltd. "Unlike the TV screens in BEST buses, these TVs will provide live coverage."
Asif Nirban, chief executive officer of Fortune Creative Media Ltd, said, "We will pay CR Rs 6 lakh per year per nine car train and Rs 8 lakh per 12-car train. The railways can expect its income from this project to increase by 10% every year." So far, the screens have been fitted in three trains. "We will instal the screens in the remaining trains by the end of July," Surti said. Besides news, live scores and Sensex-related information, the TVs will also show movies and cartoon series. "We will air classics like Charlie Chaplin movies, cartoon shows, movie trailers so that the viewers are not bored during their journey."

The medium will also be used to show awareness skits on issues related to trespassing, cleanliness and security. "We plan to promote local talent from schools and colleges and rope in kids to create movies on social awareness," Nirban said.
TV screens have not been successful in the past. WR had to do away with such a facility due to fear of vandalism and complaints about noise pollution. Surti discounted such apprehensions. "The volume of the TV sets will be fixed at such a level that it will not inconvenience the commuters."
The TV sets have been secured with sturdy glass cases and have tamper-proof fitting to prevent theft or protect it against vandalism from miscreants.
Source - Times of India

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