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Tokens replace paper tickets today

KOLKATA: The ministry of railways will remain with the Trinamool Congress. This was reiterated by chief minister Mamata Banerjee while inaugurating the Automatic Fare Collection and Passenger Control (AFC&PC) System for the Metro Railway at the Hazra crossing on Thursday.
Mamata also flagged-off several trains, launched the Indian Railways' web portal and eight Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) at various stations under Eastern Railway.
"These projects were announced during my tenure as the railways minister. I had announced several other projects that will be revealed in time. When I resigned, many people wondered whether the projects announced by me would see the light of the day. They forgot that I had announced these projects after completing all formalities. I have spoken to the Prime Minister and the railways portfolio will remain with us. There will be many more projects in the days to come," she said.
The AFC&PC system will start from Friday. Single journey tokens will replace paper tickets from the morning but smart cards would be issued after some time. This is being done to ensure that commuters run out of balance in their existing smart cards. Those who have multi-ride paper tickets can continue to use them till the rides run out. They would then have to switch over to smart cards.
The ATVM is another system that will allow passengers to purchase unreserved tickets from vending machines. For this, they would need to purchase a smart card, the minimum value of which is Rs 80. This card can be used several times by all members of the family. Five ATVMs have been installed at Howrah station, two at Burdwan and one at Bandel. Eastern Railways plans to set up 100 such machines at various stations.

"Now that the railways have launched their own portal, people can purchase e-tickets directly. This facility was only provided by IRCTC. The service charge per e-ticket will also get reduced by nearly half if this portal is used. We shall also launch the 'GoIndia' ticket very soon that would allow people to travel to various destinations with a single ticket. I faced several problems when I took over as railways minister. There were problems with the Metro rakes. I also had to deal with sabotage. It took a lot of doing to get over the situation. Trouble is that there are some people who work and others who spend their time in criticism and sabotage. Our government in the state will provide all assistance to the railways. I can ensure you that we shall achieve 101% of what was promised. It will never be 99%," Mamata said.
Among the trains flagged-off during the day was the weekly Kolkata-Agra Express.
Mamata also spoke of her plans to connect various places in the districts by Metro. "All the Metro projects that I had announced are progressing as per schedule. We also have plans to connect Kalyani with the Metro. Let us see how feasible this is," she said.

Source - Times of India

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