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5500 HP diesel locomotives to roll out next year to move more freight

NEW DELHI: With the aim of moving more freight at higher speeds, the Railways plan to roll out technologically advanced 5500 horsepower (HP) diesel locomotives early next year.

The new high HP locos will also have air-conditioning and toilet facilities for the engine drivers, a first of its kind in the Indian Railways.

"The 5500 HP locos are being manufactured at Diesel Locomotive Works at Varanasi and we are expecting the first lot early next year," said a senior Railway Ministry official involved with the modern loco project.

Called as WDG5, the locos, which will have a new design, will be equipped with several technlogically advanced features including those to guard against accidents.

Railway Minister Dinesh Trived has said, "AC and toilet facilities in the driver's cabin are aimed at providing the required comfort to locomotive drivers," according to the official.

WDG5 has been designed by Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) and Diesel Locomotive Works at Varanasi with the help of US-based Electro-Motive Diesel.

"They are likely to replace two conventional locos of 3300 HP each to move freight trains because of their high HP and tractive power," said the official, adding they will have solid state or electrically driven equipment to save power and improve reliability.
Source -  Economic Times

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