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European tracking system to prevent rail accidents

NEW DELHI: Faced with recurring train mishaps, Railways has expedited the process for installing theTrain Protection and Warning System (TPWS) - an advanced European technology - on an 800-km long stretch. 

Estimated to cost about Rs 50 lakh per km, the
TPWS technology ensures automatic application of emergency brakes in case the loco driver jumps a red signal. 

"The TPWS trial is at the final stage and we are planning to install TPWS after certain modifications in the rail routes which have automatic signalling system," a senior 
Railway Ministry official said. 

As per the plan, Railways will install the TPWS on some of the busiest routes including the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata route in the first phase. 

"The work for the 800 km in the automatic signalling routes has already been sanctioned. Plans are afoot to include about 2,000 km more route in the next phase," he said. 

TPWS will also cover the suburban rail route of Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. The trial of TPWS is going on the 200 km Delhi-Agra route and the 60 km Chennai-Gumudipundi route under a pilot project for which the Railways has earmarked Rs 250 crore. 

"The bid for installing TPWS would be opened shortly and after finalising the bid, the work will be awarded on the selected 800-km long route," the official said. 

While one of the components of the TPWS is to be installed in the loco cabin, another is to be fitted in the signal pole along the rail track. 

Of the total 2,763 train accidents between 2000 and 2010, more than 50 per cent of these have been attributed to failure of railway staff.

Source - Economic Times

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