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Metro to set up solar power plants to meet energy needs

KOLKATA, 8 DEC: In view of the growing concern over rising carbon footprint, Metro Railway, Kolkata, is setting up two solar power plants for meeting its energy requirements. This is the first such initiative being taken up by a railway establishment in the entire Eastern zone.
The plants are being set up under a policy directive issued by the Railway Board and as per specifications stipulated by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO).
The two proposed solar power plants ~ one of a 10-kilowatt capacity and the other a 20-kilowatt one ~ would be set up at Metro Bhavan, the headquarters of the tube railway located on Jawaharlal Nehru Road in the city and at the Metro Railway car-shed at Kavi Subhash station in New Garia, respectively. Contracts for both the plants have been awarded and they are likely to become operational by January.
According to Metro Railway sources, the 10-kilowatt solar power plant for the headquarters will be installed on the roof of the 10-storied Metro Bhavan. This would come at a cost of Rs 20.24 lakh. The project work has already been awarded to Bangaluru-based Sun Technique Energy System Pvt Ltd through a competitive domestic bidding, sources added. The proposed plant does not come with regeneration facility and hence, would supply power during day-hours only. When operational, this will contribute to the Metro Bhavan's daily energy requirement, pegged at around 65 kilowatt. The second plant, a 20 kilowatt one meant for the Metro car-shed at Kavi Subhash station on the southern fringes of the city, is a “solar firming” project. In this case, the solar panels and other related apparatus weighing around 12-ton would be installed on the ground in an open space and not on the roof of any building, as is the usual practice.
This is because, given its comparative light structure and design, the Metro car-shed cannot withstand the heavy load, sources clarified. The Kavi Subhash car-shed solar power plant will cost the Metro around Rs 37-lakh and the project work has been awarded to Tata BP Solar India Ltd ~ a joint venture between the Tata and the BP Solar of UK.
This plant too will generate power in the day-hours alone and on being operational, it would feed to the car-shed's daily power requirement, estimated at around 100 kilowatt.
According to Metro Railway spokesperson and deputy general manager (G), Mr Protyush Ghosh, they are hoping that apparatus for the solar power plants would arrive here by the end of this month and the plants would be commissioned by January.

Source - The Statesman

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